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      Mental Health Solution

      We created our virtual reality guided meditation to try to tackle mental health issues in the most scalable way possible. Providing tools to improve mental health is an integral component of an effective population health strategy. Participants receive premium access to our groundbreaking mobile app along with a personal virtual reality device.

      Lifestyle Management Programs

      Our suite of evidence-based total health programs inspire healthy habits for participants of all lifestyles and life stages. Our foundational health promotion program covers a range of behaviors including nutrition, exercise, and mental health issues. In subsequent levels, participants stay motivated with new sessions to reinforce positive behaviors for optimal engagement and durable outcomes.

      Weight Management Program

      Our digital weight management program provides participants at risk for heart disease and diabetes the tools, technology, and support to change unhealthy habits and improve health outcomes. Advanced tools paired with sessions following a scientifically designed scope and sequence promote healthy behavioral changes.

      Preventive Care Team

      To maximize outcomes we provide participants with a state of the art preventive care team that includes a personal health coach, board certified physicians, and peers and/or colleagues to help improve your health and prevent the onset of potential diseases.

      The Features

      • Clinically-Validated HRA

        A clinically-designed health risk assessment (HRA) informs the development of a personalized prevention plan to improve each participant's health and delay or prevent the onset of disease caused by reported behavioral risks. Participants can sync data from medical records to seamlessly populate answers to questions about their health numbers.

        Efficient and Engaging

        Participants are guided through an easy to follow, question set categorized by topic to produce an evidence-based portrait of their health. Questions are presented to the member in a highly visual and engaging format with a completion bar to help members track their progress toward HRA completion.

        Personalized Action Plan

        The HRA calculates Framingham Risk Scores, a gender specific algorithm used to estimate the individual’s 10-year cardiovascular risks and 8-year likelihood of developing diabetes. The personalized report also displays the individual’s risk level for each category (general health, diet, physical activity, habits, safety & injury, sleep, cancer, and chronic illness) with areas of concern and recommendations. HRA’s also inform participant eligibility requirements and recommendations for enrollment in our collection of behavior change programs.

      Data Integrations

      Provata’s platform integrates real-time data feeds from providers, labs, pharmacies, devices, and apps. Through multiple tiers of activity tracking, participants can track their personal and team progress, compare real time data, and retrieve smart personalized feedback.

      Advanced Activity Tracking

      Our platform integrations sync with all major wearable devices and apps, including Apple Watch, Fitbit, Jawbone, Strava, and MyFitnessPal, among many others.

      Sync Medical Records

      The platform retrieves medical records from thousands of hospitals and clinics with medical records touching over 200 million unique lives. Available data includes hospital records, lab test results, and medical information from popular pharmacies.

      Client Dashboards

      We measure success by health outcomes based upon participant responses to our voluntary pre-post assessments, biometric indices, and participant tracking and vitals data on the platform. Administrator analytics includes aggregate results of health behavior assessments within their covered population for a full view into the behaviors of participants and the impact of our solution on the health of your population.

      On-Demand Insights

      Monitor the overall impact across your participant population

      The platform empowers clients with daily insights to track engagement, visualize trends, and monitor the health outcomes among your user population.

      iMac Illustration

      Customer dashboard screen, showing results of tracking & monitoring participation population & program enrollment